Start the New Year mindful.

A three days challenge to start the New Year, whenever you are ready.

We offer a package of three guided and illustrated meditations circulating about these rejuvenating, cleansing and reflective topics. These meditations will help you to guide yourself into the New Year.

A wonderfully, healing gift, soothing for you, your friends and family. For beginners and advanced practitioners. For everyone that needs a bit of love and self-care during those challenging times. Share and spread the love in those difficult times. And remember: Everyday is a new start into a New Year!

You want to do practise meditation on a regular basis?
Buy the pillow ︎︎︎here︎︎︎ and let it help you to sort your thoughts.

Our meditations are uniquely designed by our dear friend from Shama Healing – a special thanks to Amanda Williams.




We truly appreciate your support and will further surprise our community in the next 12 months with mindful content, products and events.